Intelligent Security

Intelligent Contraband Detector

Intelligent Contraband Detector

World leading magnetic detection technique with advanced intelligence algorithms
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Intelligent contraband detector is a fully secure hardware and software platform utilizing advanced proprietary algorithms and machine learning for high detection precision from head to toe, and pinpoint location identification, all while more thoroughly mitigating the impact of outside noise factors. Its secure connectivity enables remote management and system integration certified to government level cybersecurity standards.
  • Highly sensitive and precise
  • Quick-scan: 40 people in 1 minute
  • 3 minutes can be set up by a single person
  • Portable/wall mounted/ freestanding/hidden behind door panel
  • IP65/anti-collision/dustproof
  • 10.6cm x 9.4cm x 183.5cm
  • Senor Unit Weight: 10kg
  • Support remote management and third-party system integration with government level cybersecurity standard


  • 資料中心
  • VIP辦公室, 會議室
  • 生產線廠房
  • 展覽會場, 運動競技場
  • 所有需要保護資訊及場域安全的場合皆可機動部署

  • 1分鐘快速掃描40人次
  • 精準顯示違禁物品所在區段
  • 3分鐘單人可架設完成
  • 可壁掛/站立/隱蔽於門板後/可隨時移動靈活部屬
  • 全機防水/防撞/防塵
  • 可與客戶原有監控系統整合
  • 中控室可對多裝置同時遠端監控
  • 支援警示事件與紀錄匯出
  • 10.6cm長 x 9.4cm寬 x 183.5cm高
  • 感測器重量: 10kg