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AI Underwater-Image Auto-Restoration Technology

AI Underwater-Image Auto-Restoration Technology

A fully automatic underwater image restoration technique to enhance the details of underwater images.
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A fully automatic underwater image restoration technique, which use AI to automatically enhance the details of underwater images.

This technique is highly self-adaptive. It can perform automatic analysis and adaptive correction of various input images without any parameters other than the input image. Different from a land environment, the underwater aquaculture environment often exists changeable and numerous impurities. Both the light refraction and atomization make the resolution of acquired underwater images is often blurred. This technique is used to restore underwater images for humans or artificial intelligence to recognize the underwater targets and details. Also, this method can be easily integrated with the industrial process and applied to all underwater image-related application fields, such as smart aquaculture, underwater archaeology, ground quality measurement, ecological monitoring, unmanned underwater vehicles’ exploration operations, etc. The clearer underwater images enhanced by our method provide a good foundation for underwater related industries and research fields.

  • Use Phone to Upload Image, Auto-AI-Enhance.
  • Support 1080P/2K/4K/8K High Resolution Image.
  • Defog/Color Restoration for Underwater Environment.
  • Provide Cloud SaaS Service.
  • Easily integrated with HW/SW systems, e.g. underwater camera.


  • 可使用手機上傳影像,AI即時分析強化
  • 支援1080P~8K各式解析度
  • 色彩還原及除霧水下拍攝的影像
  • 支援雲端服務與軟硬體系統整合