Coopathon 1st Place Winner 食農合作松 2019優勝得主

The C-Lab’s “2019 Coopathon - Food in Sustainability” event ended successfully on November 17. The 15 finalist teams included farmers, designers, students, engineers, NPOs, and cooperative workers. They proposed solutions such as AI, AIoT technology, chatbots, media platforms, and games for cross-domain cooperation to solve real-world problems,. “Farm A Better Fish” won the 1st place with its design of a Smart Briefing System for Underwater Environments.

In order for fishermen to effectively observe the aquatic produce in fish farms, the team built upon a monitoring system for underwater environments that they had developed previously by adding a cloud-based intelligent search function to help fishermen quickly identify and time-stamp fish activities in a large number of video recordings. The mature solution that targets a specific need successfully impressed the review committee.